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Airway & Apnea

Breath is life, and if you're not getting enough oxygen you will of course experience fatigue, but your risk of getting virtually every disease/pathology you can imagine ​increases exponentially if the body is not getting enough oxygen. 

Airway restriction can happen in a number of places and for a number of reasons. One could be restricted in the throat, nasal passages, or in the mouth itself. This is usually do to one of two causes:


1.  Poor craniofacial development

As a baby and young child our cranium expands vertically and laterally. This expansion is caused by mechanical pressure from the tongue on the roof of the mouth, breastfeeding, as well as influenced by the food we are given. In this with poor craniofacial development, the cranium hasn't expanded laterally, causing narrowed sinus cavities and nasal passages, not enough room in the mouth for a tongue. 

2. As a result of tradition orthodontia (braces and headgear)

Traditional orthodontia often causes airway and apnea issues. This is something they are beginning to realize but have yet to really act upon or come to a consensus on how to rectify. Most orthodontia contracts and narrows the maxilla, causing a situation where the tongue is jammed with no place to rest (blocking the throat) and/or the airway in the neck is narrowed. 

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