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Cranial-Dental Considerations in Children, Part 1

In Part 1 of his 4 part series, Dr. Scoppa discusses why this course is necessary and motivations for this course. He often does Telehealth visits with parents who have gone to 10+ dentists/orthodontists and have gotten 10+ opinions about how to move forward. Having taken well over 1500 hours of coursework and education in the areas of cranial growth and development, cranial-dental co-management, dental and orthodontic appliances and philosophies, and other related coursework, Dr. Scoppa is in a unique perspective to give insight into the disjointed and piece-work approach of dealing with the issues of crooked teeth, cranial underdevelopment, tongue and breathing issues, appliance therapy, and orthodontic intervention. Here is goes into the basic of cranial growth and development and how these issues in the oral cavity start- the root causes.

We answer questions about the root causes of crooked teeth, sleep disordered breathing, and jaw issues, as well as discuss expanders, braces, and other oral appliances. We go through the best time to intervene, who to work with, and why your dentist or pediatrician hasn't mentioned anything.

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