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A holistic TMJ specialist in Seattle

holistic TMJ Specialist in Seattle
holistic TMJ Specialist in Seattle

Here in the northwest we're lucky in many ways, but in regards to this blog we're lucky to have so many TMJ specialists in the Seattle area. Although I specialize in holistic and non-invasive methods of diagnosis and treatment for the TMJ and it's associated conditions (aka TMD, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders), it's not uncommon for us to need the assistance of a TMJ dentist to fix the issue permanently. This isn't always the case, and everyone has different goals, but in cases of severe malocclusion, jaw joint deterioration, or underdevelopment of the facial bones, it's the only thing that's going to do the trick.

As a holistic TMJ specialist in Seattle, my job is to listen to the patient's history and goals, perform a thorough exam and treat if indicated, and if necessary know which dental TMJ specialist is the best fit for a particular patient. In most areas of the country there are few to no choices, but here in the Seattle area we have a handful of qualified TMJ dentists, but they all have their strengths. Knowing who, if any, are needed in a specific circumstance is one of the benefits of seeing Dr. Scoppa.

In many cases our work alone is enough to get patients out of pain, and in cases where the TMJ dysfunction is being caused by other areas of the body, we are able to remedy the situation without expensive orthodontia and dental procedures.

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