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TMJ Pain Solutions Seattle

We're lucky here in the pacific northwest, for many reasons! But one that you might not be aware of is that we have some fantastic TMJ specialists in this area. Dr. Jason Scoppa, is the only TMJ specialist in the area that is not a dentist or orthodontist. He utilizes holistic physical medicine techniques that focus on root causes of TMJ pain and dysfunction. TMJ issues are a whole body problem that can't be treated without addressing dysfunctions in the rest of the body.

Although we have many fantastic dental TMJ specialists in the Seattle area, it doesn't mean that any one dental or orthodontic intervention will work for everyone. In cases where dental intervention is needed, Dr. Scoppa can help patients determine the dental TMJ specialist that is the right fit for the needs and situation of a particular patient to help ensure a successful treatment strategy. Since he has worked with the best dental TMJ specialists in the area he has co-management strategies he's developed with each to help ensure a holistic treatment plan.

TMJ Pain Solutions Seattle

Most dental TMJ pain solutions in Seattle consist of injections/shots, dental splints/appliances, orthodontia, or even surgery (yikes!). Given that these options are either temporary in terms of relief, expensive, and often not necessary, it makes sense to start with a non-invasive, non-surgical, and conservative whole body approach prior to seeing a dental TMJ specialist.

Non dental TMJ Pain Solutions Seattle

Most other non-dental TMJ pain solutions in Seattle consist of therapies by PT's, massage therapists, or chiropractors, the vast majority of which have no formal training in TMJ diagnosis or treatment, and only offer a "1 trick" approach, crossing their fingers in the hope that it will work.

Dr. Scoppa is trained to evaluate and diagnosis why a TMJ problem is occurring, and has developed physical medicine treatments to address this complex issue.

Check our website or schedule a free phone consultation to determine if our office is a good fit for you.

Dr. Jason Scoppa, TMJ Pain Solutions Seattle

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