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TMJ Specialist Seattle

Dr. Jason Scoppa, TMJ Specialist Seattle, is the only TMJ specialist in the Seattle area that is not a dentist or orthodontist. We utilize non-surgical and non-invasive physical medicine therapies that address the myriad of reasons why someone might be having TMJ pain and dysfunction.

Holistic TMJ Specialist Seattle
Dr. Jason Scoppa, TMJ Specialist Seattle

TMJ issues are complex, and often a holistic, whole body approach is necessary. We are trained to evaluate the head, neck, and jaw, as well as other areas of the body that contribute to the jaw and bite position. Even in cases where we do recommend dental or orthodontic co-management it is still vital to have someone evaluating the rest of the body before, during, and after dental or orthodontic intervention. Dr. Scoppa has taken hundreds of hours of post-graduate coursework in the areas of TMJ, cranial-dental co-management, and dental and orthodontic solutions for TMJ. He teaches post-graduate courses on cranial-dental co-management, and teaches TMJ and cranial courses through SOTO-USA. He regularly works closely with the best dental TMJ specialists in Seattle.

Our office is a fantastic first stop for those suffering from TMJ and jaw pain and looking for a TMJ specialist in the Seattle area, so the problem can be properly evaluated and triaged if necessary to the right person. Other options available for TMJ are very expensive, time consuming, permanent, or don't really address the full problem.

1 Lake Bellevue Dr., Bellevue WA

We offer free phone consultations for those interesting in pursuing our services.

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